Bonus Episode7: Decoding Chick Speak



Larry decodes ALL – words, phrases, body language, food, shoes and fragrance! • Familiarize yourself with the chick speak arsenal – Bouncing Betties, Daisy Cutters and more • Learn the secret word that chicks use when they are about to CUCK YOU! Discover the head fakes that morph Friends With Benefits deals into no-escape relationships • Why you should NEVER let a woman hug you before a knife fight • Don’t even THINK of going on a date until you hear this episode!

If you are male —  married, single or celibate —  you NEED this episode. The educational system has failed men. We don’t need Spanish, French or Mandarin – we need to learn chick speak. Here, you’ll acquire the skill to translate arcane and subtle female signals into words you can understand. At the same time, you’ll discover the verbal and non-verbal traps they set to ensnare, confound and render you helpless.

For too long, femmes have enjoyed unchallenged hegemony in wars of words. This is your opportunity to assert your manhood and gain the upper hand.

You’ll thank me for this!