Episode 24: The 3 Keys to a Great Life


What are the 3 keys? • Tony Spumonte and the glass meatball • How Larry beat the neighbors from hell • Who is the Fabulous Don Kane? • What is he laughing about? • What is the “jelly bean corollary” and how can it save YOUR life? • Why everything you own is a souvenir • How to pick the perfect mate • All this and MORE!

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Episode 23: Thirty-one Minutes to a New You


How to win a free TNS Dojo t-shirtConfidence – how to get it, how to keep it • Why everything they tell you about booze and drugs is a lie • How to pick cool friends and unload the losers in your life • The magic word that guarantees success • What to do if you hate your friend’s fiancé • What is cripple culture? • Innocuous words they use to control you • Why solitude is good for you • Starter kit for broken hearts • All this and more!


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How do they look “on”? Here’s two proud and satisfied dudes with that TNS ‘tude“justified” Jay Lacy and the untamed Matt Savage.

Besides all the brawn, brains and good-looks, many TLS listeners are creative giants. Check out this amazing logo art by Jim Schmatz:

Can you see that on a t-shirt? I’m seeing it on shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, shot glasses, brandy snifters, and inked on the thighs of pointy chix. Have I missed anything?

Episode 22: Killing Psychic Vampires


Spot and destroy the vampires bleeding YOU • Larry watches a friend lose his car,  guns and mind to a psychic vampire • Listen as a psychic vampire claims a victim • How a baby saved Larry from a psychic vampire •  Can you kill a vampire with a shotgun? • What’s an equipment whore? • Larry meets a guy with more hobbies than brains • How a trophy wrecked a man • Why alma mater pride says, “I’m a failure.”

Bonus Episode 3: Vengeance is Ours, Part ll

In part 1 of this epic tale, you met Tommy Amanti, the mob-connected weasel who screwed over one of Larry’s closest friends. Thus commenced O.F.A. – “Operation F*** Amanti.” In this taut follow-up, discover how Larry & friends take “getting even” to the next level – and beyond.
After this episode, you’ll want to return to high school to kick ass, take names and NO S**T!   Available only on Patreon. Click here for access:  www.patreon.com/Thatlarryshow

Episode 21: Larry At a Mob Funeral


What happens when Tony Spumonte asks Larry to help bury a stiff? • What was Larry’s mobster nick name? • The secret of the double-decker coffin • Why was the stripper named Nancy Knee Socks? • How did Cho-Choo Tomasso get his nick name? • Larry’s predictions for the human race • The most vicious obituary every written • Meet the dead guy who would be KING of Dick Masterson’s Rage Board • The 3 emojis that will replace all words • Why did Larry laugh at his grandmother’s funeral? All this and more! Follow Larry on twitter.com/ThatLARRYSHOW where a T.N.S Dojo contest will soon be announced.

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Episode 20: Wise Up, Sheeple!


Caught in a crossfire – Larry visits a time warp bar and gets trapped in a battle between a sniper and a psychotic •  How Larry got a new job and escaped being burned alive in a union dispute • What is an authority worshipper? • Where do they come from? • Weasel words corporations and the government use to dupe us and criminalize us • “The customer is always wrong”Oh yeah!?!? • How to fight bureaucracies and win • The T.N.S. Dojo store is OPEN! Click here for the T-shirt you’ve been waiting for:  thatlarryshow-com.myshopify.com

Official TNS Dojo shirt in Gunfighter Black – discreetly tells the world you TAKE NO SHIT!


Episode 19: Kicking a New Hole In United’s Ass


A FIRST for That LARRY SHOW – an EMERGENCY episode that’s pistol hot. Join Larry and the T.N.S. senseis as they brutalize United’s  punk CEO. Flying SUCKS. Why? Because the U.S. Government is in collusion with  the airlines. They have the right to throw you off a plane AND beat you to a pulp. How to make sure this never happens to YOU.

Episode 18: Into the Night


Dangerous pointy chix — how Larry saved his life and Tony Spumonte’s marriage • How Larry became Tony’s unofficial consigliere • Why night owls beat early birds • Larry goes to Washington and meets his first pointy chick – but does he get the point? • 15 words that took down the Big Apple • Larry’s near-death experience at a lover’s lane • Marriage – Italian style • Why Saturday Night live is fake AF • The real slaves of New York • All this and more!

Episode 17: Bully Busting 101


Anti-bullying is now an industry, and it’s a FRAUD • Who are the REAL bullies? They’re not who you think • Exposing the real agenda of the anti-bully crowd •  5 words that should trigger YOU • Go bully-busting with Mike Tyson • Where do puke-bag politicians come from? • The President of the European Union gets spanked by Tony Spumonte • Larry disses Kim Jong Un • Prolapsed sphincter –  2 words that will trigger THEM • How The Force helped Larry destroy another boss • The career-killing phrase you must NEVER utter • Identifying Power-Trippers and how to flip them • The real reason Mike Tyson went to jail and Kobe didn’t • Your secret to self-worth • The T.N.S. Dojo Store opens soon – stay tuned!

Got a bully you want to bust? Let the senseis at the T.N.S. dojo handle it! https://twitter.com/ThatLARRYSHOW  or email him at  thatlarryshow@gmail.com or call him at 302-71-LARRY

BTW, I’ve been remiss in posting listener artwork.

Harrison Fjord, with cat-like reflexes and laser insights, created a video tutorial for dealing with Cyber-bullies. You’ll like his no-fuss, n0-muss solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=369bxZ2wcPA&feature=youtu.be

Here are a couple of thumbnails from an artful listener Down Under, the fabulous Biggie Talls.

This one is for Episode 5: Larry Slugs a Nun. Had the original nun looked as kinky/hot as this one, I might have clinched with her during the fight.


Here’s another rendering from Biggie, for Episode 15 : Larry’s Road Trip to Destiny. You can almost hear the wind sweep across that lonesome crossroads. (BTW, I never leave home without a guitar and a fish.)

Here’s another from the amazing Renaissance Man,  aciou:


Lastly, the TAKE NO SHIT Dojo Store will open in a matter of days. We’ll start off with a kick ass t-shirt. Any guesses as to what it is?


Episode 16: EVERYBODY’S CRAZY, no exceptions.


GUNFIRE at a wedding • Be first on your block to SELF-AMPUTATE!Amputee dialog recorded LIVE at an ICU • How to change the oil… in your musclesInstant body-building • How to sever a relationship… or a leg • Trade your slippers for soup mugs • Why are all shrinks insane? • The best era for time travel • How Captain Kirk became gay • Another big, fat government lie • All this and more, more more!