Bonus episode 2: Larry’s Home Invasion

Home invasion: does Larry pull the trigger? ♦ 1 in 5 chance you’ll be a victim – how to survive. What happened to all the crazies? ♦ The real (sick) reason people hate guns. ♦ Why the French are wimps — the panic room around the Eiffel Tower. ♦ Why is America is on its knees? 9/11 according to Larry. ♦ The criminal beside you- be wary!
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Episode 8: LOVE WARS – Valentine’s Day


EVERYTHING you need to know about love. ♦ Love Casualties – how not to become one.  ♦ The CAN’T MISS opening line. ♦ Seduction tips from a serial killer. ♦ De-coding chick-speak. ♦ The secret info graphic to help you find the perfect mate. ♦ Identifying and avoiding lethal love. ♦ The truth about stadium proposals. ♦ What makes the perfect pointy chick? ♦ The $40,000  engagement ring disaster. ♦ Tony Spumonte saves Larry’s life.

Episode 7: LARRY PREPS


Larry reveals his doomsday forecast. ♦ What will it look like? ♦ What will it sound like? ♦ Why did Larry carry a loaded .38 to work?  ♦ Did he use it? ♦ Pointy chick threat-levels you need to know. ♦ Meet the mega-preppers. Tour a $3 million bomb shelter. ♦ What’s the secret reason men prep? ♦ Must-have weapons when SHTF. ♦ Doomsday advice from Tony Spumonte. ♦ And more!!!

Episode 6: Larry at the Circus


What urge really drives men? (It’s not sex.) ♦ Larry sentences an elephant to death. ♦ Larry tells a giant to fuck off. ♦ Noah’s Ark of Death – the untold story. ♦ A guy skydives without a parachute, and lives! ♦ Larry discovers hippies’ secret hideout. ♦ Advice that could make your career. Cuddly, herbivore bears that kill. ♦ Larry’s life-saving “Hey Watch This” app – and why you need  it. ♦ Why guys deserve a cash bonus at age 21. ♦ Larry meets Wez from the Road Warrior. ♦ All this and more, more more!!!

Episode 5: Larry Slugs a Nun.


Your “safe space” — the SKOOL episode. ♦ Larry throws down with a he-women gang – and it gets ugly. ♦ Time travel with Floyd Mayweather.  Larry goes Country but can’t escape the mob. ♦ Does Tony Spumonte have Larry’s back? ♦ Larry discovers a guitar god. ♦ How to win negotiations. ♦ How to light the jets on your career. ♦ Is education worth the price? ♦ Larry outs Ivy League dumbos. ♦ Are you college material? Does experience trump education? ♦ Larry answers listener questions, and more, more more!

Episode 4: Larry Fires His Boss


Did Larry really dump his boss in L.A.’s most lethal neighborhood? • Burning bridges with style.   • Translating death threats from Human Resources. •  How Larry became Capt. Jack Sparrow.  •  Corporate snitchery is out to get you.  • Team building and bloody feet.  • What drink do drunks in denial prefer?  • Debate tips from Jesus.  • Re-activating the 5 o’clock whistle.  • How France is giving us more than pointy chicks in pencil skirts.  • Disconnecting from the office.  • Cruise to Pain City on the Ship of Fools  • Fabulous fan feedback… and more!

Episode 3: Larry’s secrets to your BEST year EVER.



What kind of men do women really want?  • The secret, ancient contract between men and women.  • Foolproof Mafia weight loss system, revealed. • Mil-spec office survival methods. • Best way to KILL YOUR BOSS. • How to survive a submarine attack. • Detecting and neutralizing PSYCHIC VAMPIRES. • Music to Take No Shit (and go postal) by. Hollywood’s next fad. • Which celebs are total assholes? • Larry saves a Dick Masterson fan – from himself. • Why video games suck. • The next BIG THING in fitness… Jack-er-cise! • Larry reveals the 4-word secret of fitness and saves America $40 billion. • Follow thatlarryshow on Twitter. • First 5 to follow get a shout out. First 5,000 get eternal bliss.

How Larry survived NEW YEAR’S WITH THE MOB


Discover how Larry survived New Year’s With the Mob. • Hang with godfathers, hit-men and gun molls – without getting shot. • Attend a Mafia wedding with Larry. • Learn how to avoid painful-memory New Year’s triggers. • Ride along with Larry – LIVE – in a death-defying car-wreck. • Discover the only New Year’s song that could make a monster weep. • Tips to improve your karma. • Learn how to talk and SWEARlike a gangster. • Learn what a pointy-chick is, and how to ID (maybe even date) her. 



A new Christmas carol for Charlie Brown… and his ASSISTED SUICIDE –RECORDED LIVE!

Why do the holidays suck?  • Who do we blame? • ISIS’ secret Yuletide recruitment tool. • The politically corrected, new, non-pipe-smoking, SLIM LINE Santa.  • 5 worst Christmas songs of all time. (SPOILER ALERT – 2 of them were from BEATLES).  • Psssst! John Lennon just pissed in your cocktail. • Which Christmas card to send / not send.  • The new UNIVERSAL Christmas greeting.

Puke-inducing Christmas treats. • Why singles may hate holidays more than marrieds. • Why Dunkin Donuts beats the ass off Starbucks.

Banned North Korean Christmas meals REVEALED.  • How to make your cat SING. • The holiday most likely to KILL YOU.

Forget secret Santa – meet SECRET JESUS.