Episode 26: Dangerous Summer Fun


Larry (in a Pontiac) battles Psycho Steroid Hercules • Where are the pointiest chix in North America? • Larry almost becomes a victim • When Larry was a wimp • The ultimate pointy chick arcade game • Secrets to your best summer ever • Who you should mock mercilessly, and how  • How to teach a four-year-old to body surf • Meet Larry’s T.N.S Dad • Best episode yet! • And more, more, more!

Who’s the pointiest Pinball Princess? She is.

Download episode and HEAR the Bride of Pinbot seduce Larry.









UPCOMING: (within 24 – 48 hours) – the CLIMAX of the epic Patreon trilogy Vengeance is Ours. 

Everybody has payback on their mind, and this trilogy, this final hail of bullets episode will make you want to go back in time to dismantle every cretin who ever did you dirt. This is a million megaton revenge story where Larry and his pals reduce an adversary to a gibbering puddle of defeat. Best of all, it’s a how – to – guide. Don’t miss it!

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Episode 25: Hollywood Sleaze


Who is Mickey Gubitosi? • Who inspired Larry to Take No Sh*t?• Why is Robert Blake banging a gorilla? • Why did Robert Blake mention Larry Bleidner on Larry King? • Why Robert Blake worries about his testicles • Is Robert Blake taller than you? • How Larry found  O.J. Simpson in the Twilight Zone • What word is written on Larry’s imaginary blimp? • Why were Starsky & Hutch 2nd rate wimps? • How to escape misery • Who was the coolest TV pimp?  All this and more!

Yes, this is showbiz, friends, so load up on the dish and dirt straight from the fakery factory… Hollywood USA.

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Episode 24: The 3 Keys to a Great Life


What are the 3 keys? • Tony Spumonte and the glass meatball • How Larry beat the neighbors from hell • Who is the Fabulous Don Kane? • What is he laughing about? • What is the “jelly bean corollary” and how can it save YOUR life? • Why everything you own is a souvenir • How to pick the perfect mate • All this and MORE!

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Episode 23: Thirty-one Minutes to a New You


How to win a free TNS Dojo t-shirtConfidence – how to get it, how to keep it • Why everything they tell you about booze and drugs is a lie • How to pick cool friends and unload the losers in your life • The magic word that guarantees success • What to do if you hate your friend’s fiancé • What is cripple culture? • Innocuous words they use to control you • Why solitude is good for you • Starter kit for broken hearts • All this and more!


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How do they look “on”? Here’s two proud and satisfied dudes with that TNS ‘tude“justified” Jay Lacy and the untamed Matt Savage.

Besides all the brawn, brains and good-looks, many TLS listeners are creative giants. Check out this amazing logo art by Jim Schmatz:

Can you see that on a t-shirt? I’m seeing it on shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, shot glasses, brandy snifters, and inked on the thighs of pointy chix. Have I missed anything?

Episode 22: Killing Psychic Vampires


Spot and destroy the vampires bleeding YOU • Larry watches a friend lose his car,  guns and mind to a psychic vampire • Listen as a psychic vampire claims a victim • How a baby saved Larry from a psychic vampire •  Can you kill a vampire with a shotgun? • What’s an equipment whore? • Larry meets a guy with more hobbies than brains • How a trophy wrecked a man • Why alma mater pride says, “I’m a failure.”