Episode 23: Thirty-one Minutes to a New You


How to win a free TNS Dojo t-shirtConfidence – how to get it, how to keep it • Why everything they tell you about booze and drugs is a lie • How to pick cool friends and unload the losers in your life • The magic word that guarantees success • What to do if you hate your friend’s fiancé • What is cripple culture? • Innocuous words they use to control you • Why solitude is good for you • Starter kit for broken hearts • All this and more!


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How do they look “on”? Here’s two proud and satisfied dudes with that TNS ‘tude“justified” Jay Lacy and the untamed Matt Savage.

Besides all the brawn, brains and good-looks, many TLS listeners are creative giants. Check out this amazing logo art by Jim Schmatz:

Can you see that on a t-shirt? I’m seeing it on shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, shot glasses, brandy snifters, and inked on the thighs of pointy chix. Have I missed anything?

2 thoughts on “Episode 23: Thirty-one Minutes to a New You”

  1. What’s the song that plays at the end of this episode? Noticed it at the end of episode 20 too.

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