Bonus Episode 4: Building Your Own Superman… YOU.


There are super-men and super-women among us. They power through life with ease and grace. They get who and what they want. They have no bad days. How do they do it? How can YOU do it? In this MUST LISTEN episode, Larry unlocks the SECRETS of super powers.

If you’ve been outside the dojo looking in, NOW is the time to step inside, take a seat by the fire and discover why even wise men call him Sensei. This is no mere podcast. This. Is. The. Way.  To a new you. Stronger. Smarter. Tougher. Wiser. Happier.

Are you ready to fly?

Episode 30: The 4th of July Death Bomb


What is a Death Bomb and why did it terrify Tony Spumonte? • Who is Bleeding Jesus Freddy? • Why all inflatable gorillas should be stabbed  • Which sucks more: Sale-a-thons or Sale-a-brations? • The evil fireworks ring you should love and support  • What’s inside Larry’s bag of tortilla chips, and why did it make his kid puke? • Which is the greatest patriotic song and who recorded it? • Will America exist in 1,000 years? • If not, who will have destroyed it? • All this and more!!!

Christmas in July? In America, we’ve had that since 1776 when we flipped the bird to King George and granted ourselves the real first freedom, the right to blow stuff to smithereens every July 4. But safety-obsessed nanny-statist puke bags have revoked that right, or at least gelded it to a point where spirited hand claps may be deemed “offensive displays of nationalism.” Those people are garbage. Throw ’em out!

In this episode, harken back to a July 4th in the not-too-distant past where Larry and his crew ignite a firework that would have Homeland Security wetting their pants and screaming for life terms.

Hang with Larry, Tony, pointy chicks and a new side-man: Bleeding Jesus Freddy. Eat and drink until your guts burst, then drink some more, play volleyball, water ski and at dusk, prepare for the big KA-BOOM! That’s what the 4th is all about. Freedom and adventure. Scarce in this world but abundant in every episode of That LARRY SHOW.

I call on all listeners and Dojo members to help solve a mystery – what’s in the tortilla bag that made my daughter puke? The bag remains sealed and the billion-dollar manufacturer remains unnamed. Perhaps next week I’ll post a photo of the sack and its repulsive foreign matter contents. I refrain from doing so today because chips are a staple of 4th of July feasts and I don’t want to ruin yours with a hideous image of… whatever the hell is in that bag. You cannot un-see this,  folks.

Did you know the show is on instagram? Some claim this show has the best thumbnails in all the podcast universe. Every one is meticulously conceived of and hand-crafted by your humble host. What do you think?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s big, BIG release – only on PATREON. HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN SUPERMAN… YOU.  What’s it about? It’s about $5, but it’s the single best investment in your future you’ll ever make. Don’t miss it.

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I do hope you have already acquired you illegal fireworks for a bangin’ 4th of July. If you’re reading this, you already know about TNS, so I’ll leave you with a temporary slogan that will carry you safely through the coming holiday. DO NOT HOLD IN HAND.


Episode 29: Your 30 – Minute Ph.D.


What song makes Larry go postal? • What is a mamaluke? • TONY SPUMONTE’s mob criteria for friendship • What your school never taught you • Best ways to choose your friends • The drugged-up doctor you must avoid • Meet one of Larry’s early TNS Senseis • Who are the dumbest guys we know? •  Parental showdowns you need to see •  What do Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs have in common? • All this and more…

The audience has spoken… your favorite episode so far was last week’s journey into Father’s Day. The reaction was just astonishing… thank you! If you’ve not yet listened, click here to discover why strong men (and women) were fighting back tears (unsuccessfully) all over the world.

Now here’s the audio bookend to the dads ‘n’ grads seasonal. If you’re anywhere between kindergarten and the Polident years, there’s something here for you. Like meeting Mr. Petz, the Take No Sh*T teacher who imbued me with many of the dojo principles we all cherish. Or the high stakes (2 months detention!) spelling bee between dim-bulb mamaluke Tommy Amanti and the sadistic Dean of Discipline, Doc.

Every Ivy leaguer who hears this episode will hate my guts. Find out why I already hate theirs.

What’s the hideous disconnect between education and real smarts? They’re lying to us, friends… shoveling untruths at us with both hands. Listen and learn.

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Episode 28: How To Be a Mack Daddy


The most brilliant comment Larry ever heard • When is the right time to have a kid? • Larry’s movement, DAD’S LIVES MATTER • Why is Dad always a punch line? • Meet the dead beat moms • Two words that ID the fathers you want to avoid (or deck) •  What is a lactating daddy? • Are you one? (If so, KYS) • Time travel with Larry (not for WIMPS!) • IN SEARCH OF…the sitcom that depicts mom as a villain  • SPOILER: This episode will change you forever. Beware.

This is the ULTIMATE Father’s Day primer. If you have a dad, are a dad, plan on being a dad or are being pressured by some pointy chick into becoming a dad – YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE. It’s your last chance to save yourself – and maybe the world.

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Episode 27: Bluff Your Way to Success


Some chick tries to sterilize Larry on an airplane • Larry’s Mexican Stand-Offs — in Mexico • Why “I’ll make the best of it” is loser talk • How we zoom ourselves • The greatest bluff of all time • Why were there flies on Larry’s fly? • What the hell is Dolph Lundgren doing in a Mayan Temple? • Head fakes and Jedi mind tricks • Larry’s vaccine for Montezuma’s Revenge (it’s 80 proof) • The difference between a lie and a bluff • All this and more!

Here we are at the 1/2 year point in show. Who would have guessed? Listeners in 82 (yes, that’s eighty- two) countries around the world. There’s no stopping us now. “Pointy” has already become part of the American lexicon. Will T.N.S. soon be on everyone’s lips… and fists? It’s up to you, my friends

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In other news, last week’s thumbnail was rejected by Facebook censors as being “too sexual.” Looks like what one might see at any beach on the planet. What do you think? But I suppose pointy chix would be intimidating to girly-man Suckerberg. However, he runs video ads for Trojan with people fitting condoms on bananas. No doubt that kind of content is right in little hoodie-boi’s comfort zone.

Bonus Episode 3 – Vengeance is Ours, Part 3 – the CLIMAX


Everybody has payback on his mind, and this trilogy, this final hail of bullets episode will make you want to go back in time to dismantle every cretin who ever did you dirt. This is a million megaton revenge story where Larry and his pals reduce an adversary to a gibbering puddle of defeat. Best of all, it’s a how – to – guide. Don’t miss it!

How did a pyromaniac  nearly get Larry kicked out of school? • What Valentine did Larry give the high school Dean that made his head explode? • How did Larry prove Confucius wrong? • Why did Larry eat lunch standing up for four years? • What did Larry plant in Tommy Amanti’s locker that resulted in Tommy’s destruction? • What’s the ultimate repurposed gift? • How to break into a Porsche 911 in under 5 seconds. • All this and more in the explosive climax of VENGEANCE IS OURS.

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