Episode 27: Bluff Your Way to Success


Some chick tries to sterilize Larry on an airplane • Larry’s Mexican Stand-Offs — in Mexico • Why “I’ll make the best of it” is loser talk • How we zoom ourselves • The greatest bluff of all time • Why were there flies on Larry’s fly? • What the hell is Dolph Lundgren doing in a Mayan Temple? • Head fakes and Jedi mind tricks • Larry’s vaccine for Montezuma’s Revenge (it’s 80 proof) • The difference between a lie and a bluff • All this and more!

Here we are at the 1/2 year point in show. Who would have guessed? Listeners in 82 (yes, that’s eighty- two) countries around the world. There’s no stopping us now. “Pointy” has already become part of the American lexicon. Will T.N.S. soon be on everyone’s lips… and fists? It’s up to you, my friends

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Yes, that’s me on the right, beside the pointy Peach Saliva. (Thank you, Dick!)  There were two other TDS co-hosts in the original image, but I cropped them out. Maybe Dick Masterson will give me the mold to this thing and I can offer them at the TNS Dojo Store with the official Dojo tee shirts: 







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In other news, last week’s thumbnail was rejected by Facebook censors as being “too sexual.” Looks like what one might see at any beach on the planet. What do you think? But I suppose pointy chix would be intimidating to girly-man Suckerberg. However, he runs video ads for Trojan with people fitting condoms on bananas. No doubt that kind of content is right in little hoodie-boi’s comfort zone.