Episode 28: How To Be a Mack Daddy


The most brilliant comment Larry ever heard • When is the right time to have a kid? • Larry’s movement, DAD’S LIVES MATTER • Why is Dad always a punch line? • Meet the dead beat moms • Two words that ID the fathers you want to avoid (or deck) •  What is a lactating daddy? • Are you one? (If so, KYS) • Time travel with Larry (not for WIMPS!) • IN SEARCH OF…the sitcom that depicts mom as a villain  • SPOILER: This episode will change you forever. Beware.

This is the ULTIMATE Father’s Day primer. If you have a dad, are a dad, plan on being a dad or are being pressured by some pointy chick into becoming a dad – YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE. It’s your last chance to save yourself – and maybe the world.

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