Bonus Episode 3 – Vengeance is Ours, Part 3 – the CLIMAX


Everybody has payback on his mind, and this trilogy, this final hail of bullets episode will make you want to go back in time to dismantle every cretin who ever did you dirt. This is a million megaton revenge story where Larry and his pals reduce an adversary to a gibbering puddle of defeat. Best of all, it’s a how – to – guide. Don’t miss it!

How did a pyromaniac  nearly get Larry kicked out of school? • What Valentine did Larry give the high school Dean that made his head explode? • How did Larry prove Confucius wrong? • Why did Larry eat lunch standing up for four years? • What did Larry plant in Tommy Amanti’s locker that resulted in Tommy’s destruction? • What’s the ultimate repurposed gift? • How to break into a Porsche 911 in under 5 seconds. • All this and more in the explosive climax of VENGEANCE IS OURS.

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Or call 302-71-Larry

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