Bonus Episode 3: Vengeance is Ours, Part One

REVEALED! THE place to meet chix that tops Dick Masterson’s skating rink (and can’t miss dialog when you visit) • How to DESTROY an enemy • How Larry took on a mob scion and lived to tell the story • Jesus – the ONE MAN GANGSecrets of the greatest con man • How to open any school locker • The sickest revenge video of all time • The sweetest laughter of all • Stealth Vengeance, how to do it • The secret of the USMC success, and MORE! Available only here:

Episode 15: Larry’s Road Trip to Destiny


What Larry does to a motel swimming pool that has cops chasing him  • Larry’s midnight encounter with a creepy preacher • Larry visits with an animal abusing, fugitive cretin • Larry’s run in with a gink… what’s a gink? • The car that makes its owners a punch line • Why Elon Musk doesn’t know jack • Who was the coolest tycoon? • Who are the pointiest chix of all time? • Why the Hyperloop is a snore • World premiere – Larry’s very own road trippin’ music • Larry creates a car for Dick Masterson • All this and MORE!

Episode 14: Larry Flames the Time Bandits


How to annihilate “customer service” • The cringiest moment in elevator history • Time is shorter than you think  – Larry helps you create more • Helicopter parents will be murdered – guess who’ll kill them?  • Larry holds a judge in contempt • Larry throws down with gang of monkeys • Sushi-eating, radioactive pigs • The class action suit you need to join • Mechanical failure… why there’s no such thing • The T.N.S. dojo’s new sensei/attorneys • Who’s been stealing from you?

Episode 12: Skeletons In Larry’s Closet


Larry’s clash with a murderer • Secrets from a Gypsy fortune teller • Why the D in DNA stands for DANGER • Are you related to Genghis Khan? • Larry’s double DNA surprise • What are dead men’s legs?Jesus speaks • What your parade preference says about you • The psycho in your family tree • What’s an Armageddon Girl? • How to spot a professional Irishman • The man who wants to build Trump’s Wall – cheap! • How you can become an Indian casino millionaire, and more, more, more!

Episode 11: How Larry Cheated Death


How Larry learned he wasn’t bullet proof • Four words that separate winners from losers • How Larry scared the shit out of Tony Spumonte • How Doctor Dirty Fingers almost killed Larry • Two words that can save your life • Killer advice to brides and grooms • Can you pass the TRANSGENDER TEST?  • Do you have what it takes to make the sick f**k squad? • The man who became a human kebab • How Larry drove a snowflake’s mother crazy-er • Dentist music to die by, and more, more more!

Episode 10: Larry Kills Oscar


Why do movies suck? • Why are actors assholes? • Who are the cool ones?   • Tony Spumonte on the Oscars • LARRY REVEALS:  The greatest actor you never heard of • Why rock star beats movie star • The 80 year-old who gets more pointy chix than anybody • The Oscars vs. the Proscars – what’s that about? •  How YOU can become a Hollywood mogul. • Larry calls De Niro a f**king amateur. • The investment you should never make  • MORE CLUES to the CAN’T MISS venue for meeting chix (Hint: it’s NOT Dick Masterson’s skating rink.)

Episode 9: Larry Destroys Disneyland


WORLD PREMIERE: Larry’s hit song – It’s a Pointy, Hot Chick World. • Disneyland: why Larry’s last visit was his LAST VISIT.  • Why do they call it Mouseschwitz?  • What’s wrong with Ariel’s anatomy?  • What happens inside Larry’s HCACC? (That’s Hot Chick Aversion Conditioning Chamber) The sick hags who want Jasmine (and all pointy chicks) dead. • Great (free) alternatives to the Magic Kingdom. • Larry’s pointy-chick throw down in a restaurant. • Verbal judo that helps you win any argument. • Follow / tweet Larry your Disney disses:

Bonus episode 2: Larry’s Home Invasion

Home invasion: does Larry pull the trigger? ♦ 1 in 5 chance you’ll be a victim – how to survive. What happened to all the crazies? ♦ The real (sick) reason people hate guns. ♦ Why the French are wimps — the panic room around the Eiffel Tower. ♦ Why is America is on its knees? 9/11 according to Larry. ♦ The criminal beside you- be wary!
Available ONLY here›

Episode 8: LOVE WARS – Valentine’s Day


EVERYTHING you need to know about love. ♦ Love Casualties – how not to become one.  ♦ The CAN’T MISS opening line. ♦ Seduction tips from a serial killer. ♦ De-coding chick-speak. ♦ The secret info graphic to help you find the perfect mate. ♦ Identifying and avoiding lethal love. ♦ The truth about stadium proposals. ♦ What makes the perfect pointy chick? ♦ The $40,000  engagement ring disaster. ♦ Tony Spumonte saves Larry’s life.

Episode 7: LARRY PREPS


Larry reveals his doomsday forecast. ♦ What will it look like? ♦ What will it sound like? ♦ Why did Larry carry a loaded .38 to work?  ♦ Did he use it? ♦ Pointy chick threat-levels you need to know. ♦ Meet the mega-preppers. Tour a $3 million bomb shelter. ♦ What’s the secret reason men prep? ♦ Must-have weapons when SHTF. ♦ Doomsday advice from Tony Spumonte. ♦ And more!!!