Bonus Episode 12: The Goss Bomb


Long before there was TBPITU, long before there was The Dick Show, long before there was That LARRY SHOW… there was another show. The seminal show. The ORIGINAL show. The one that launched them all. Listen to the long buried demo for that show and discover the secrets of them all.

This episode is like Creationism versus Big Bang . Nothing EVER comes from nothing, capice? Or as preachers like to say GOD creates, man assembles. (Maybe Dick – the Avowed Atheist – and I – a Consecrated Man – should debate the subject. )

These podcasts didn’t just appear. Something happened that made them happen. This episode is where you find out how they were birthed.

Besides telling you more than others did, you’ll learn

  • What I found in Captain Jack Sparrow’s wig
  • How Sean the engineer became Szhheauween the de facto co-host and zing-meister of the Dick Show
  • Why people love celebrities – alive, dead or wax.
  • Why Jimmy Kimmel is an attention whore
  • How Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum could make more $$ than Disneyland
  • How I won a game show hosted by Dick Masterson

But wait, there’s more! Perhaps in the next bonus episode, I’ll reveal the answers to other mysteries like:

  • Why I never appeared on TBPITU
  • The battle between Dick and other guy for my brilliance
  • The creepy offer that was made to me – more gross than a face punch!

You’ll also learn why I dug Dennis Hopper but was (temporarily) faked out by his bullshit PR machine. But Frank Booth was still the greatest character in cinema history. Here’s that favorite scene of mine.

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