Bonus Episode 9: Five French Secrets of Fun


Happy October.
This Bonus episode was supposed to post in September but here it is, a little bit late. Why? Let me relate to you an old Hollywood story about Ray Bradbury – who not only wrote some kick-ass science fiction, he wrote some kick-ass screenplays. Some studio suit was breaking Ray’s balls for a finished script by a certain Wednesday. And the suit kept nagging Bradbury with relentless phone messages and memos — Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! And finally having enough (and taking no sh*t) Bradbury answered the impatient exec, “You want it Wednesday? Or you want it good!?!?!?”
You can’t rush screenplays, whiskey or Bonus episodes.
I went to France. And while there I saw many things and noticed many more. No matter where I was, the French seemed to be enjoying life more than we do here in the land of stress, arterial plaque and bruxism. The French don’t have squinchy expressions on their faces. They don’t get bent out of shape over meaningless crap. They smile more, laugh more, relax more. And one can only guess what else they do more when they close up shop every day between 2 and 4 pm and go home for a “nap.”
The French invented “pointy.” French chicks are the pointiest I’ve ever seen.
This episode will change your life. You don’t need Paxil or Adderall or Zoloft or therapy or Slim Fast or Pilates. You need only listen to these 24 minutes and 21 seconds of pure enlightenment and your life will improve… immediately.
I’ve distilled it to Five French Secrets of fun¬†What could be easier?
If you’re already a Patreon Dojo member – this episode is for you. If you’ve been wondering, now’s the time to join.
5 simple things the French do that you can do that will make your life better.
The best things in life are free. But not this episode. However, it costs a lot less that a Paxil prescription. And the side effects are pure bliss.
Or as they say, aimer la vie!

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