Episode 11: How Larry Cheated Death


How Larry learned he wasn’t bullet proof • Four words that separate winners from losers • How Larry scared the shit out of Tony Spumonte • How Doctor Dirty Fingers almost killed Larry • Two words that can save your life • Killer advice to brides and grooms • Can you pass the TRANSGENDER TEST?  • Do you have what it takes to make the sick f**k squad? • The man who became a human kebab • How Larry drove a snowflake’s mother crazy-er • Dentist music to die by, and more, more more!

1 thought on “Episode 11: How Larry Cheated Death”

  1. Another great show Larry, this is by far the best one yet. It seems that great Podcasts like this one grow around The Dick show.

    I remember being just as stupid when I was 19, banging my GF at the time with no condom, not worrying about grades in school, refusing to ever even get a physical, drive around sleep deprived, ect ect.

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