Episode 42: GYNARCHY – Larry Strikes Back


Larry takes on 2 man-hating broads at a supermarket and winsWords you must NEVER use at the TNS dojo. • Elvis shot his sports car: why you should, tooLarry’s Clark Griswold moment • How to vanquish a female who thinks she is superior • Can you judge a head case by her clothing? • Femme fashions that signal “psycho.” Which demo is most often victims of violence? (hint: it’s NOT women.) All this and more!!!!

A listener asked if I ever wished my daughters were sons. The short answer is: only when I can’t find a millimeter of bathroom sink space that isn’t covered by cosmetics, hair care products and crap only a forensics team could identify. The serious answer is – who would want a son, now that men are the new underclass?

Maybe Caitlyn Jenner knows more than she’s telling. Because in 2017 (and for many years prior) men have been 2nd class citizens. So who wouldn’t want to be a chick? If a woman gets in a beef with a guy, he automatically goes to jail. There are dozens of massive US government agencies pulsating with zeal and bursting with money (our money) to make female dreams come true. Men are not eligible, sorry. In 2017, to grow up male is to grow up disadvantaged. Because the Western world is thoroughly rigged for females.

The feminization of Western culture is complete. Men are the underclass. Masculine things are bad things. Fishing, hunting, guns, knives, fireworks, mean jokes, funny jokes, muscle cars, car racing, violent video games, metal, camo clothing. All bad. Symbols of male aggression. Bad, bad, bad! Big Momma has collectively twisted all mens’ ears, bitch slapped them, washed their mouths out with lye soap and throttled them into whimpering punks who worry about nothing but others’ feelings and whether their behavior/speech/music/entertainment/thoughts are in any way offensive or inappropriate.

How did this happen? Damned if I know. But this episode happened because of an altercation I had at a supermarket a few years back, where some cretinous bimbo, (dressed as Little Bo Peep) obviously accustomed to bullying men, got between me and my 7 year old daughter. Bad idea for Bo Peep. It… got… ugly.

How ugly?


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