Episode 3: Larry’s secrets to your BEST year EVER.



What kind of men do women really want?  • The secret, ancient contract between men and women.  • Foolproof Mafia weight loss system, revealed. • Mil-spec office survival methods. • Best way to KILL YOUR BOSS. • How to survive a submarine attack. • Detecting and neutralizing PSYCHIC VAMPIRES. • Music to Take No Shit (and go postal) by. Hollywood’s next fad. • Which celebs are total assholes? • Larry saves a Dick Masterson fan – from himself. • Why video games suck. • The next BIG THING in fitness… Jack-er-cise! • Larry reveals the 4-word secret of fitness and saves America $40 billion. • Follow thatlarryshow on Twitter. • First 5 to follow get a shout out. First 5,000 get eternal bliss.