Bonus Episode 10: Larry Screws a Car Dealer (and How You Can Too!)


3 car shopping rules that make YOU the winnerTony Spumonte goes car shopping with Larry and together they take no sh*t • What to say and do the INSTANT you enter a dealership • How to negotiate the LOWEST price on any car • How to make monkeys out of sales managers • How to buy a used car and NEVER get a lemon • The best value in cars • If you EVER intend to buy a car, or negotiate a price, your NEED this episode!  Get it at

Last year there were over 56 million new and used cars sold in America. Sooner or later, you’ll be buying one yourself. The $5 fee to access to this episode will save you time, mistakes and hundreds, or  thousands of dollars. Guaranteed.

I know the immutable rules and proven methods that ensure you get the best deal on a car… and make the dealer hate your guts. Why must he hate your guts? Because if he doesn’t,  you’ve been screwed and you don’t even know it.

Most owners keep a car for six years. That’s a long damn time. Every time you drive, do you want to feel like a Take No Sh*t winner, secure in the knowledge that you cut the best deal possible? Or will you be haunted by the memory of being bullied by some polyester shirted goons who bent you over the fender and took your lunch money – several years worth of lunch money! The choice is yours. Get screwed or screw them. What’s it gonna be?!?!?!?!?

Car shopping is one of the most stressful events in life. You’re putting up big money for something that can either run well and bring you joy, or bleed you like 2-ton leech. If you listen here and take advantage of my hard-earned experience, you’ll drive away a winner.

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