Bonus episode 2: Larry’s Home Invasion

Home invasion: does Larry pull the trigger? ♦ 1 in 5 chance you’ll be a victim – how to survive. What happened to all the crazies? ♦ The real (sick) reason people hate guns. ♦ Why the French are wimps — the panic room around the Eiffel Tower. ♦ Why is America is on its knees? 9/11 according to Larry. ♦ The criminal beside you- be wary!
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1 thought on “Bonus episode 2: Larry’s Home Invasion”

  1. Loved the bit about how nuts should be locked up. I’m Canadian and our government just decided that Vince Li should be allowed to walk free because “he’s medicated”. in 2008, this same Vince Li stabbed a man to death on a bus, cut his head off, and started eating parts of the body. The whole thing was so fucked up that one of the first responders suffered PTSD from what he saw and eventually killed himself.

    And now this man is back on the streets, because “Well, he’s crazy. We can’t just put him in jail for being crazy!”

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