Episode 9: Larry Destroys Disneyland


WORLD PREMIERE: Larry’s hit song – It’s a Pointy, Hot Chick World. • Disneyland: why Larry’s last visit was his LAST VISIT.  • Why do they call it Mouseschwitz?  • What’s wrong with Ariel’s anatomy?  • What happens inside Larry’s HCACC? (That’s Hot Chick Aversion Conditioning Chamber) The sick hags who want Jasmine (and all pointy chicks) dead. • Great (free) alternatives to the Magic Kingdom. • Larry’s pointy-chick throw down in a restaurant. • Verbal judo that helps you win any argument. • Follow / tweet Larry your Disney disses:  https://twitter.com/ThatLARRYSHOW

3 thoughts on “Episode 9: Larry Destroys Disneyland”

  1. Loved the rant on ugly people getting offended over hotness. I’ve said it before, but that sort of moral policing “social justice” seems to largely be a refuge for aging ugly people with ugly personalities. They haven’t got a nice enough body to outweigh how awful a person they are anymore, so they use it to shame people for liking hot girls instead of overweight harpies with rainbow hair and more tattoos than a biker gang.

  2. “Is that right?” “How about that?” “Isn’t that something?” — very useful lines to know. I hope to learn more of your sagacious verbal judo. “What’s your dad like?” may cut it on a date with the fairer sex, but in a helter skelter world, everyone can benefit from stepping up their “social self-defence” for dealing with pricks.

    Also, great ending to this one, Larry.

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