Episode 14: Larry Flames the Time Bandits


How to annihilate “customer service” • The cringiest moment in elevator history • Time is shorter than you think  – Larry helps you create more • Helicopter parents will be murdered – guess who’ll kill them?  • Larry holds a judge in contempt • Larry throws down with gang of monkeys • Sushi-eating, radioactive pigs • The class action suit you need to join • Mechanical failure… why there’s no such thing • The T.N.S. dojo’s new sensei/attorneys • Who’s been stealing from you?

4 thoughts on “Episode 14: Larry Flames the Time Bandits”

  1. I have to agree on lawyers. I would rather have a mean son of a bitch from Hicksville College, USA representing me over some milquetoast from a big law school. Education’s important but not if you’re too much of a pussy to use it.

    1. Indeed. I once knew an excellent attorney who never attended law school – all you have to do is pass the Bar.

  2. When I saw the title of this episode, I though you were going to talk about the movie Time Bandits. I was all ready to hear your take on the classic 1981 fantasy film when you started talking about things that steal your time.

    Any chance I can get your honest opinion on the movie too?

    1. I’d gladly give an opinion, but I’ve not seen the movie, Rico. Thanks for listening to the show!

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