Episode 15: Larry’s Road Trip to Destiny


What Larry does to a motel swimming pool that has cops chasing him  • Larry’s midnight encounter with a creepy preacher • Larry visits with an animal abusing, fugitive cretin • Larry’s run in with a gink… what’s a gink? • The car that makes its owners a punch line • Why Elon Musk doesn’t know jack • Who was the coolest tycoon? • Who are the pointiest chix of all time? • Why the Hyperloop is a snore • World premiere – Larry’s very own road trippin’ music • Larry creates a car for Dick Masterson • All this and MORE!

1 thought on “Episode 15: Larry’s Road Trip to Destiny”

  1. Larry I gotta say that you’re way off base with the Tesla comment. To me, the name Tesla evokes imagery of a man who invented the modern world. A man that wielded lightning bolts and made Mark Twain shit his pants. A man who nearly collapsed his neighborhood with an earthquake machine.

    Tesla was a modern age demigod.

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