Episode 16: EVERYBODY’S CRAZY, no exceptions.


GUNFIRE at a wedding • Be first on your block to SELF-AMPUTATE!Amputee dialog recorded LIVE at an ICU • How to change the oil… in your musclesInstant body-building • How to sever a relationship… or a leg • Trade your slippers for soup mugs • Why are all shrinks insane? • The best era for time travel • How Captain Kirk became gay • Another big, fat government lie • All this and more, more more!

2 thoughts on “Episode 16: EVERYBODY’S CRAZY, no exceptions.”

  1. Well until this episode I thought you operated with a fair degree of sense. I suppose I only thought this because you quoted Frank Zappa on The Dick Show and I also suppose that was a pretty low bar.

    Here’s another Zappa quote for you (approximately) from his autobiography: “The biggest problem in people in general is poor mental health.” Why shouldn’t people be treated for whatever brand of crazy they have? In what way does legitimizing somebody’s mental illness harm them? Isn’t “batshit crazy” a little too general of a term? If you can’t give somebody’s crazy a name how are they supposed to be treated? Why is one person’s form of crazy more legitimate than anybody else’s? According to you, alzheimer’s is a real mental disease. Isn’t it really a physical disease that simply affects mental health?

    I could go on, but I really feel like you haven’t thought this one through properly.

    1. Well Dan by virtue of your paranoid reaction to the show I declare you to be………legitimately crazy!
      There. Feel better?

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