Episode 51: Knowing When to Quit Your Job


Trapped in a dark, rat-infested basement… how does Larry escape? • What to do when your idiot boss is a “company man” • How to identify (and avoid) company men • Tell-tale words that company men use • What job titles actually reveal about the job • When quitting is the only option • When and how to leave on bad terms •  How Larry got conned into a lousy part-time job • All this and MORE!!!

Why is work more odious than ever? Because of Kool-Aid guzzling, true-believer company men, that’s why. They need to be identified, rounded up and given helicopter rides to active volcanoes. They are the problem. And they are everywhere.

This episode begins with a listener’s dilemma. He’s just started a new job and enjoys it until he discovers his boss is a company man/boi/pinhead/puke-bag/pustule/cretin/ass-hat. One of those detestable ginks who is never satisfied merely by a job well – done – he wants his subordinates to dance and kiss ass. Well, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey found out that’s a perilous way to comport oneself. Whether sexual favors or blood from a stone, people are getting fed up with assholes on power trips.

Once Larry dishes up the advice, come ride along with him on one of his many odd ball jobs. This one finds him trapped in a dark, rat-infested basement on Easter Sunday. The moral of the story? Some jobs just aren’t worth the money. And if you take the gig, be damn sure you get all you’re due – up front.

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