Episode 61: Full Auto On Frauds


What 2 words most trigger Larry? • How to ID bogus political movements • The magic question that stops safe speech assholes cold • Where in the U.S. is free speech already restricted? • What were George Carlin’s 7 words you can’t say on TV? • Why the Puritans were actually sexy beasts • The Facebook execu-chick you’ll love to hate • Who started the new age of censorship? • All this and more, when Larry goes FULL AUTO ON FRAUDS!

Someone once asked me why I wrote books. I told them I write one when I get a belly full of something. Seeing a college production of Grease butchered by thought-police censors is why I wrote this episode. I’ve had a belly full of assholes telling me what they think is “offensive” and “inappropriate,” and then censoring material for my safety.

Not that I care about Grease – it’s just a Broadway show , and I’m not a huge fan of any of them. But I am a writer. And when some self-righteous boi or gurl takes it upon themselves to chop, cut and redact or censor ANY writer’s work, I want to punch the smarmy smile right off their fuckin’ faces.

No words should be banned. EVER. NONE. However, some tech ’tist should design a Transformer-like robot that can violate all known laws of physics and locate itself anywhere on the planet anytime some pissant utters the words “inappropriate” or “offensive.” Then the robot punches their face with a metal fist the size of a Buick. If the Magic Robot of Justice hears anyone say the words, “Let’s ban” this or that, he fires an RPG straight into their open mouth, after saying that most odious of phrases.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a World War in progress. And it’s not a fight for land. It’s a battle for free speech. Already around the globe, in Europe, India and elsewhere, people are being jailed for words. Words. Let that sink in.

Where did this begin? Well, Commies hate free speech. But even before they appeared, there were other sewer-dwellers who wanted to muzzle free thought and speech.

In more recent times, we had Tipper Gore, ex-wife of bogus environmental hustler/hypocrite Al Gore. Tipper succeeded in forcing recording artists to label their work as “inappropriate.” Artists like Prince, AC/DC, Motley Crue and many others.

Tipper did what she did to “protect the children.” Watch out for assholes who tie their power-grabs to child protection. Or protection of women. Or any group. They are usually full of shit.

Tipper’s ex-hubby took Tipper’s idea of tying a power grab to a group and expanded it dramatically. He claimed to be protecting the entire planet. But as you’ll see in this video I made, Al is completely full of shit – a hypocrite of the lowest order.


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