Episode 62: Trapped in the Twilight Zone


A Hollywood star haunts Larry • Is Larry psychic? • Who are the junk people? • Which EU dictator tops the junk list?  • Why did Facebook censor Larry? • Why getting Zucc’d is not funny • How did Larry cheat fate? • Can you make your own luck? • Why nothing is accidental (or is it?) •  Crackdown on crackdowns • Who does Larry sentence to the Quasimodo treatment? • What is the Quasimodo treatment? • All this and more!!!!

Meddlesome, Commie assholes. Seems we just finish bitch-slapping one into oblivion and another pops up to try to take KONTROL. It’s like whack-a-mole.

In Episode 17, Bully Busting, Tony Spumonte got wind that EU top hunk o’ junk Jeane Claude Juncker was threatening the USA, so we caned his worthless ass at the TNS dojo.  When finished, it looked like a burst can  of tomato paste. Now, Juncker’s right-hand bag, Vera Jourova, (yes that Vera, the one who wears pink polyester blazers with a rhinestone poodle on the lapel and whose favorite hair product is Kiwi black) is going to wipe hate speech from social media. We’ve got some severe plans for her, too. What are they? You’ll have to listen. Start at the 13:38 mark for a verbal fusillade and work your way backwards to discover why she merits our contempt and abuse.

We don’t like censorship – especially since this very show has been censored by none other than Facebook. They did not approve of the thumbnail for Episode 26: Dangerous Summer Fun. Zuckerberg’s soybois said it was too sexually suggestive. Since they spend their entire lives masturbating to hentai, I guess when they see a depiction of a non-cartoon female in a bikini, they just fritz out like a wet circuit.

Here’s the offending thumbnail that was just “too sexual”:







Here’s the revised version they found acceptable:







Note to all anti free speech Statists – you rear your ugly heads and we’re swinging  at them – for the fences. You are junk. You must be… eliminated. Does that sound sinister? Good.

Once the Commie-eradication business is completed, this episode gets back to the spirit of its thumbnail – the weird, the unexplained, the bizarre and the kooky. Like how I was haunted – across the globe – by an old movie and TV star named Ben Gazzarra. He starred in a bunch of flicks and here’s the trailer for my favorite,  HUSBANDS.  At the 1:49 mark, Gazzara utters the best line in the movie, which is embedded in this episode.

I first saw HUSBANDS on TV and was mesmerized. Three guys mourn the loss of their mutual best friend by going on an extended drunken bender that includes London. Not all of them return to NYC. Check it out.

If any women don’t understand men – real men – not bed-wetting soybois and snowflakes, they should not just watch, but study this movie.

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