Episode 63: Who Can You Trust? 5 Secrets You Need to Know


5 Secrets that make you un-con-ableBeware the “P” word (it’s not what you think) • Phrases con artists use on you • The book that changed Larry’s life • The #1 cause of homicidal rage • Recognizing deceptive signals • Who should we trust? • The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – A SPIN OFF SHOW!  All this and more!!!

Life doesn’t get any easier does it? That’s because we spend our adult lives like characters in a spy novel, trying to figure out who’s sharpening a knife for us. At school, at work, on social media, we sprint through a never-ending, horrid gauntlet of cretins trying to rip us off, defame us, damage and destroy us.

In this episode, you’ll discover 5 secrets that will make you impervious to all those evil bitches and bastards. You’ll learn the signals – verbal and non-verbal,  that grifters and punks and lovers and spouses use to set you up. You’ll learn who to trust and why. After just 24 minutes with me, you’ll be better equipped than Neo was after they downloaded kung-fu into his brain.

Can you name another podcast that does that for you? No. You can’t. And you know exactly the ones I’m talking about.

Which is why you should go to Patreon right now and join the Take No Shit Dojo. Not only do you get more content with more secrets to kicking ass in life, you get signed books and custom recordings.

And speaking of other podcasts, I’m launching a spin off show – BROTHER LARRY’S BAD ASS SUNDAY SNAPS. There’s a teensy taste included in this episode. I’ll reveal more as we draw nearer to the debut date, which is Sunday, February 11.

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. I have no idea who’s playing. I’ve never watched even one Super Bowl. Too much padding, too many rules, more starts and stops that a geriatric taking a leak. But I might start watching the new XFL games coming from Vince McMahon. IF – they lose all padding and helmets. IF every man gets a black jack. And IF any player makes a political statement OF ANY KIND, a psycho clown immediately beheads that player with a chain saw and then football shifts to field hockey using that player’s head. That would be entertainment. That would be sport.

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