Episode 53: Larry’s Dream Thanksgiving


Charles Manson’s Thanksgiving tips • How Thanksgiving can kill you •  Coming soon: the Amazon Thanksgiving Day Parade • Death Football: the only kind Larry will watch • Why is Thanksgiving dinner 30 – minutes shorter this year? • Live leaked recording of a Thanksgiving stabbing • How to protect yourself from a crappy Thanksgiving • Larry’s can’t miss side-dishes • All this and MORE in this MUST LISTEN HOLIDAY CLASSIC!

Here we go again. In two days we’re expected to gorge ourselves and then drift into a food coma as Christmas songs play on a continuous loop on Pandora, Spotify or that crappy FM station where no human being has set foot in years. Robo radio. Robo food. Robo relatives. Robo conversation. Robo snap. Pass the mashed potatoes and the Black Talon ammo, please.

Beware – it can happen anywhere and anytime.

What the hell happened to Thanksgiving? How can it be restored to its former glory as THE great American holiday? Because for years, it’s been nothing but a door stop for Black Friday. And what a pathetic day that is.

But there is hope. In this episode, you’ll hear a prelude to a snap and then an actual snap when one unhappy Pilgrim grabs a knife and carves – his fellow diners.

Discover a metaphysical exercise that can deliver you from any unpleasant scene to the paradise of your choosing – without the aid of psychedelics.

What’s my dream Thanksgiving? I’ve experienced the full spectrum – from warm and fuzzy familial perfection to the solitary misery of a pariah. But this year I want to have fun. For an idea of what kind of fun, click this link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItdVLbl6_ng

Pointy chix await.

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Remember – you don’t have to eat the Brussels Sprouts. I said so, and I’m the TNS Dojo sensi.

Happy Thanksgiving.